You can build patterns that link to one another to help simulate using a real website. This is especially useful when working with the Pages and Templates pattern types. Rather than having to remember the actual path to a pattern you can use the same shorthand syntax that you’d use to include one pattern within another. Important: Pattern links do not support the same fuzzy matching of names as the shorthand include syntax does.

The basic format is:


For example, if you wanted to add a link to the article template from your blog template and you’re using the Mustache PatternEngine you would write the following:

<a href="{{ link.templates-article }}">Article Headline</a>

This would compile to:

<a href="/patterns/templates-layouts-article/templates-layouts-article.html">Article Headline</a>

As you can see, it’s a much easier way of linking patterns to one another than hardcoding paths.