Have an idea for or feedback about Pattern Lab? Want to fix some code or add a feature? Did you write about your experiences with Pattern Lab? Have you built a tool on top of Pattern Lab and want others to know about it? Just want to join the larger Pattern Lab community? Here’s how to do it.


The Pattern Lab organization on GitHub is the traditional way to give the Pattern Lab team feedback. If you have problems with code or ideas then GitHub is a decent first stop. Pull requests are always welcome.


The Pattern Lab rooms on Gitter offer a place for the Pattern Lab community to ask questions and offer help to each other. The core team actively monitor the rooms. If you’ve built a tool using Pattern Lab or written a blog post please share it with us and the larger Pattern Lab community on Gitter. We’ll also get it added to our resources page.


The stellar Design Systems Slack run by @jina also has a #tool-pattern-lab channel that folks hang out in.


If you’re just looking to get updates about what’s going on with Pattern Lab then @patternlabio on Twitter is our “talk-at-you” medium of choice.

The Pattern Lab Port Interop Group

The Pattern Lab Port Interop Group discusses the commonalities between ports and tries to find ways to standardize our work together. To get an idea of upcoming features, request new ones, or provide feedback on implemented features check out the issues queue on The Spec®. We need and want your feedback.