The list of features is coming soon.


With Pattern Lab 2 in development for almost two years many under-the-hood changes have been implemented. For the most part a Pattern Lab 1 project should work with minimal changes in Pattern Lab 2. Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in Pattern Lab 2:

  • complete rebuilding of core
  • support for Composer
  • support for more template languages (currently Mustache and Twig)
  • support for StarterKits allowing separation of a team’s unique needs from Pattern Lab proper
  • event notification system, getters, setters, and a clean install process to allow for plugins
  • redesigned and rebuilt modal view
  • redesigned and rebuilt styleguide view
  • multi-source directory support
  • support for YAML in global data, pattern-specific data, and pseudo-patterns
  • can have multiple JSON/YAML files in ./_data/
  • support for JSON/YAML linting to find errors
  • can set multiple classes using the style modifier
  • can use link.[pattern-name] within data to link to other patterns
  • pattern parameters support simple lists
  • pattern parameters act more like mustache (but not exactly!)
  • patternParameters can over listItem loop numbers
  • global pattern header and footer is now in ./source/_meta
  • upgraded console utility
  • patterns and pattern subtypes can be documented in the styleguide by using [pattern-name].md or [pattern-subtype].md
  • view all pages for pattern sub-types
  • annotations can be defined using Markdown
  • patterns can be exported minus Pattern Lab mark-up
  • can hide individual patterns from “view all” view still available via the nav
  • can set a pattern to be the default pattern when loading Pattern Lab
  • can turn on modal view by default
  • implemented server
  • sayings can now be defined in the config
  • install process that makes it easier to install various components

These are the features of Pattern Lab 1 that have become plugins:

  • Automatic Browser Reload

These are the features of Pattern Lab 1 that have been removed in Pattern Lab 2:

  • QR Code Generator
  • Page Follow
  • MQs