Node Versions

To install Pattern Lab 3.0, run the following command in your terminal:

npm create pattern-lab

This will bring up an installation menu that presents the following steps:
  1. Please specify a directory for your Pattern Lab project. - Choose the directory where you want to install Pattern Lab. The current directory is the default location.
  2. Which edition do you want to use (defaults to edition-node)? - Choose the Pattern Lab edition that you want to install. The options are: edition-node (handlebars engine) , edition-twig (php engine), and edition-node-gulp (legacy)
  3. Which starterkit do you want to use? - Choose the Starterkit you want to begin your project with. Starterkits define the initial components and assets that are included in the initial project. Start from scratch, start from a full demo, or a lightweight boilerplate.
  4. Are you happy with your choices? (Hit enter for YES)? - Confirm your choices, and when done the Pattern Lab installation will begin.
With those questions answered, Pattern Lab will begin installing. Once the installation is complete, you're ready to generate Pattern Lab for the first time.

Legacy versions of Pattern Lab Node 2.X are also available:

PHP Editions

Choose your own adventure! Pick the edition of Pattern Lab 2.X that you'd like to use based on template language or environment:


A variety of plugins can be installed in Pattern Lab to assist in your web development: