Pattern Lab helps you and your team build thoughtful, pattern-driven user interfaces using atomic design principles.

At its core, Pattern Lab is a static site generator (powered by either PHP or Node) that stitches together UI components. But there's a whole lot more to it than that!

Nested Patterns

Pattern Lab lets you include UI patterns inside each other like Russian nesting dolls. Make a change to a pattern, and see those changes reflected anywhere the pattern is included!

Design With Dynamic Data

Unlike static design tools, Pattern Lab lets you easily swap in different representative content into your components to ensure they can handle the dynamic nature of your content.

How It Works

Learn how to get Pattern Lab up and running, use patterns, work with dynamic data, and make the most of all Pattern Lab's features.

The PHP version and Node version of Pattern Lab are respectively led by Dave Olsen and Brian Muenzenmeyer, with occassional input from Brad Frost and a growing number of contributors from around the world.