Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: This feature is currently disabled. It will be back in a future release of styleguidekit-assets-default.

Pattern Lab comes with support for a number of special keyboard shortcuts to make using Pattern Lab easier. These are broken up by where they work or are most useful.

Modifying the viewport:

  • ctrl+alt+0: set the viewport to 320px
  • ctrl+alt+s: set the viewport to "small"
  • ctrl+alt+m: set the viewport to "medium"
  • ctrl+alt+l: set the viewport to "large"
  • ctrl+alt+h: toggle Hay mode
  • ctrl+alt+d: toggle disco mode

Modifying the views:

  • ctrl+shift+a: open/close info panels
  • ctrl+shift+c: open/close info panels
  • cmd+a/ctrl+a: select the content of the current open tab in code view
  • ctrl+shift+u: make the Mustache tab active
  • ctrl+shift+y: make the HTML tab active
  • esc: close the open view


  • ctrl+shift+f: open/close the pattern search